The Social Stack



Are you leveraging your data to get the right answers to these questions?



Am I selling to the right customers?


Who is my right customer?


Am I selling the right products to the right customers?

Is there a vast untapped customer base out there that I am not aware of?


We live in a time where the customer has evolved, data has too.

So what about your digital marketing strategy?

As digital marketers or organisations, one cannot rely on what worked best in the past to create a strategy for today.  The need of the hour is to create a data driven battle plan that helps one conquer one's space.

We help organisations and digital marketing agencies become digitally mature by working on their Social Stack to arrive at a transformational digital marketing strategy.    


breaking down the social stack

A recent study of the Indian start up market has shown that it grew on the back of cloning. If it’s good for the goose, it’s most likely great for the gander. The collapse of so many well funded start ups was because there was no differentiation in the yardstick that was used to assess the right customer segment across many of these organisations.

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What we do

Digital Marketing driven by dIGITAL Analytics 


We take digital marketing to the next level by not just optimising your social media campaigns for a higher ROI in terms of click through rate of your google and facebook ad campaigns. Instead we optimise your digital identity including your website, social media pages (facebook, twitter, linkedin) , your social media marketing campaigns such as your facebook ad campaigns and your google ad campaigns using social media analytics to result in your ultimate goal - increase your revenue.

In short our digital analytics solutions help you increase your revenue!


1. Analyse

Analyse your customer and web analytics data

Augment your customer database with social media data, web analytics data and analyse them to identify your main customer segments.

Data used

Customer data

Google Analytics data

Social Media analytics/insights data

2. Design & Build your Digital Identity


Design and build out your digital identity including your website & social media pages such as Facebook and Twitter targeting the identified segments

Digital Identities we create

Design & build your website

SEO for your website

Create your Facebook page, linkedin page, twitter page


3. Drive relevant traffic to your platforms


Design and run your social media campaigns targeting your identified audience. This ensures that traffic to website is relevant traffic.

Advertising activities we manage

Facebook ad campaigns

Google Ad Campaigns

Manage Facebook page engagement

Manage Twitter page engagement

Analyse your google analytics data


4. Capture relevant leads


With Online chat software Olark, visitors to the website are converted to leads.

Lead generation activities

Set up Olark chat software

Manage online chat 

5. Design customised engagement


Highly customised emails campaigns sent out to manage engagement with leads via mailchimp

Lead engagement activities

Set up email marketing via mailchimp

Design & create customised email templates

Manage your mailchimp customer/lead list

Automate your customised engagement via mailchimp

Set up salesforce

6. Your leads are primed to become your Customers


This is where your Sales team or your awesome product makes the sale for you

Optimising lead generation

Analyse new customer data

Web analytics

Social media analytics

Align digital marketing campaign to new insights


Some of our success stories 


A boutique Multi specialty Hospital zero's in on their target segment leading to 100% Occupancy 


A healthcare startup providing absolutely niche care finds an audience with a per customer lifetime value  of inr 4.8 Lakhs


How are we different from a Digital Marketing Agency?



Creatives are based on Market research however big data analytics is not leveraged.


Segments are identified based on Big data Analytical methods which means analysis of client’s customer database and their social media analytics. Creatives (social media/ website/email marketing) created to target these specific segments.



Engage with you and chalk out a 6 month plan that involves coding up your website ground up. Tech geek will be required to make any changes at a later date


The quickest, easiest, cheapest way to create life long digital assets that you can control without a tech geek. The purist will not agree with our method but then again we are in the business of growing your business, not creating perfect technology .


Creatives jocks from top design schools who will create Cannes winning campaigns,costing a bomb but may not be necessary at year 1 of Business

Its unlikely that a mid size tech firm will have consultants who understand technology, creatives and digital. This is what the best in class is thinking: Read here.


Redwood brings together a unique set of expertise - Creatives & Technology grounded in Analysis of Big Data. This unique expertise combined with running a successful, profitable organisation, Redwood is geared to partner with you to move your vision to reality.


All our efforts culminate here -  generating leads for your business.


The value which the clients brings to the table here far exceeds what we can do. Therefore we bow out here and let the client take over.


How we do it.

Building out Digital as a Competitive Advantage


+ Discovery

We analyse the data that you already posses about your customers, their behaviour in relation to your product or your service. We then augment this data by scrapping social media data that is publicly available about your customers.

We then apply highly sophisticated anlaytical models to analyse this augmented data to identify patterns and trends, most importantly we look for those seemly insignificant data to point out characteristics and behaviour of your customers. Simplify put we don't look for the obvious.

+ Experimentation, Design and Pilot Delivery

Armed with highly specific information about your customers, we create various segments using a permutation and combintation of the different pieces of information. We then go forward and run a design of experiments targeting these various segments. This experimentation involves creating messaging on the website, ad campaigns on google and facebook all customised for each segment. At the end of the experiment phase, the results are then studied to identify the combination of messaging, creatives, platforms used to target each segment resulted in the maximum return.

The next stage is when the pilot delivery is designed using the results of the experimentation phase. Once designed, the campaigns are run for a period of time, at the end of which the results are further analysed.

+ Getting Digital as part of your DNA

Now that we are done with the business of experimentation, we get down to integrating digital so that is slowly becomes a part of "business as usual". Here is where we take on the responsibility of further optimising the business of engaging with your customers such as setting up automated yet highly customised email campagins to your customers and prospects, managing your social media pages ensuring that you are always talking about what your customers want to hear about (we know this from our analysis of your data). Over and above this we keep reaching out to clones of your current customers out their on the web, (who are not yet your customers) through our google ad and facebook ad campaigns that are continuosly optimised for the end result - purchase (rather than higher CTR, lower bounce rate and all that jazz)

In short we get digital to become a part of your Organisational DNA.

+ Digital as a Competitive Advantage

You don't need us to tell you that with Digital you hold a competitive Advantage. But inorder to contiue holding that Competitive Advantage you need to be at it continously. With Redwood you can lay that burden at our door. We ensure that you are at the top of your game by continuosly splicing and dicing your data to get the most out of it. With Redwood the Discovery phase never stops and you never stop innovating!