Each ambitious venture comes with its own set of challenges but analytics has proven time and time again that the solution lies in your own data. Whether it was the first farming communities understanding the patterns in the stars to predict the weather or the Game of Thrones analytics that ptoves that presenece of fragons hinders profess. This trend of studying data to not just identify the obstacle but to find the means to jump the hurdle still continues today with one small yet significant difference. 


Data is everywhere.

Need the numbers? In the minute it took you to get to this page of our website,



204 million Emails were sent 


2 million     Queries answered   by Google 


2880 minutes  Videos added toyou-tube


100,000       Tweets shared 



We leverage data not to survive but to thrive!

We ensure that all this data doesn't turn to chaos we treat it as carefully as we would fossil fuels. We realise that just because data is everywhere doesn't mean everything points to a reasonable insight. It's with careful scrutiny, expertise and creativity that data can go from being random to an actionable solution.


We are data-wranglers

Together we have been working to create analytics solutions for over six years. And in those six years we have completed over 200 analytics projects that are generating results even today. Data drives us to be curious, to dig till we find the solution, til we identify sufficient patterns to predict a trend.


We are diverse

Each time we come to a table we bring together expertise in various analytics applications. Our team comprises of those passionate about product development, risk management, marketing, digital and operations. Our diversity is our biggest strength - we bring expertise in statistics, programming and creativity ensures that we never have to think out of the box, it just comes naturally to us.