The Redwood Culture



At Redwood there are no cliches allowed. So we are not going to talk about "our culture" but there is a pattern to the way our tribe works! Our workspace is more than just comfortable corners and open doors it's about the give and take that exists between extraordinary folk that come from various corners. We thrive because to make the Redwood cut each individual at Redwood adds immense value each and every day. 


We value talent and treasure time at Redwood! 


We believe in hiring the right people for the job and rooting forthem as they take us to greater heights. The right person for us need not be an IIT or an IVY league graduate but a passionate individual who can roll up his sleeves and get to work. We believe in creating innovative problem-solving products and services. We recognise the power analytics has to overcome obstacles. We believe in investing time not wasting it. We are not dictated by time but we respect it - we believe in taking time to think but wasting no time when we act. 


Careers at Redwood

Open to All but not for All



Our diversity is our biggest strength yet we have identified the fundamental building block that makes you a tick at Redwood. You must be passionate about analytics and be able to read between and beyond the lines. You need to be consistent and meticulous, you need to be driven by dreams that Redwood would prove to be a means to. 

Breaking in to Redwood was sheer baptism by fire!
But once I got the hang of things (about 3 months), I couldn’t imagine myself anywhere else.